Electrical & Insulation Mat

Rubber is a known as Natural Dielectric insulator by inherent nature. Rubber mixed with right components becomes heavy duty Matting to places on Floors around Control Panels, Switch boards, Transformers and other high voltage workplaces which are prone to electric Current.The basic principle behind designing of Electrical Insulating mats also called dielectric carpets simply to protect of Humans & electronic utilities on electrical Installations.



Class Thickness Max. Use Voltage AC Proof Voltage Di-electric Strength
A 2.0 MM 3.3 KV 10 KV 30 KV
B 2.5 MM 11 KV 22 KV 45 KV
C 3.0 MM 33 KV 36 KV 65 KV
Visual: Diamond Profile on Top and other side Cloth Impression
Dimensions: Standard Length 2.0 Mtr. – Mats in rolls of 10/20/30mtrs. and more also available on request.
Standard Width: 1.0 Mtr. – Width up to 1500mm also available on request
Standard Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm. Higher thickness conforming to IS 15652 also available.
Shapes: Form Rolls, Square Tiles, Mats
Working Temperature: 10°C to 55°C
Colors : Black, Red Blue Grey

15652 Features/Properties

Tolerance on Thickness: +/- 10%
Tensile Strength: Min. 17N/mm2
Elongation at Break: (Min.) 300%
Heat Ageing: Tensile & Elongation not less than 75% of org. value.
Flame Retardance: V-0, V-1 (about 5 Seconds)
Leakage Current: Not more than 10mA
Acid/Alkali Resistance : Very Good
Insulation Resistance : Min. 100000 Mega Ohms
Extreme Low Temperature : Resistant upto -40°C.
Expected Life : 5-10 years. DIN 9760


IEC 61111-2009

The following division is based on threshold level of electric current resistance.

Classification Working Voltage Proof Voltage Suitable Thickness Suitable Thickness
Class 2 17000V AC 20000V AC 3mm 30000V AC
Class 3 26500V AC 30000V AC 3mm 40000V AC
Class 4 36000V AC 40000V AC 4.5mm 50000V AC

Physical Properties:

Width 0.9mtr, 1.0mtr, 1.2mtr, 1.5mtr.
Length 2mtr, 5mtr, 10mtr, 20mtr, or as per requirement.
Thickness As Per Specified Class.
Surface/Design Anti-Skid Fabric Impression or Corrugated Top

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