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At Mech, we tailor each product to the customer’s requirements. We are one of the largest PTFE manufacturers and PTFE stockits in India. Whether your request is for slit width, special tolerances, or custom sizes on material, you’ll always get the service and product you need. We have wide ranges of PTFE gaskets in our stock as well.

Mech is one of the only processors to reprocess virgin PTFE in house, enabling us to control the quality of reprocessed material. We also offer which is blended in our plant to offer you a larger variety of virgin PTFE materials, along with a (Ultra PTFE) which is a Virgin PTFE with Bronze & Carbonfill PTFEior physical properties.

Browse through our online catalog below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help by answering any questions you have about and PTFE products or properties.


LINEAR BEARING GRADE represents a family of self-lubricating materials and is offered in standard sizes


  • Excellent physical and mechanical properties
  • Self-lubricating with superior bearing performance
  • Good dimensional stability at operating conditions
  • Superior resistance to moisture absorption
  • High wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Light weight and reduces noise chatter
  • LINEAR BEARING GRADE is oven annealed to reduce internal stresses

Method of Operation

LINEAR BEARING GRADE materials are used in dynamic load applications such as: bearings, thrust washers, bushings, gears, cams, spacers as well as in numerous other sliding or rotating components.

  • Bushings: radially loaded shafts, whether Carbon or Stainless Steel, can benefit from the use of LINEAR BEARING GRADE sleeve bushings
  • Thrust Bearings: under oscillating motion, these bearing materials exhibit excellent wear resistance, durability and no stick-slip. Axial- loaded shafts benefit from the reduced friction of the material
  • Linear Motion: for the benefits of efficient mechanical advantage, LINEAR BEARING GRADE leadscrew nuts provide low friction, reduced noise and combinations of high speeds/low loads or moderate speeds and loads
  • Pulleys: these bearing materials resist wear, self-lubricating, easily fabricated and can be incorporated into existing designs

Special Features

LINEAR BEARING GRADE was developed for general-purpose bearing applications. This grade exhibits an excellent surface finish when machined. Outstanding service life and superior chemical resistance are typical of LINEAR BEARING GRADE products. This grade excels in performance demands up to moderate loads and speeds.

LINEAR BEARING GRADE bearing grade material was developed to handle moderate loads in high-speed applications. Long service life, exceptionally low coefficient of friction with reduced noise plus high PV capabilities are some of the characteristic of LINEAR BEARING GRADE.

Technical Data


  • Tensile Strength @ Break ……… 7,600 psi 5,900 psi
  • Elongation @ Break …………… 15% 19%
  • Heat Deflection Temp. ………… 205°F 203°F
  • Max. Continuous Service Temp…… 180°F 180°F
  • Intermittent Service Temp. ……. 225°F 225°F
  • Linear Coef. of Thermal Exp…….. 5.2 in/in°Fx10-5 5.2 in/in°Fx10-5
  • Coef. of Friction (Non-Lub)……. 0.30 0.22
  • Wear Factor …………………. 43 in/(psi*fpm*hr) 20 in/(psi*fpm*hr)*10-10 *10-10
  • Limiting PV Value ……………… 7,500 psi-fpm 42,000 psi-fpm
  • Warter Absorption ……………….. .20% .20%


.001″ to .250″ thick in widths up to 72″ wide.

Virgin • Reprocessed • Bronze & Carbonfill PTFE


.001″ to .250″ thick in widths 1/2″ wide & wider.

Virgin • Reprocessed • Bronze & Carbonfill PTFE


3/16″ to 7″ thick in various sizes. Virgin • Glass-fill

• Bronze & Carbonfill PTFE


3/4″ OD to 20 1/2″ OD in lengths of 3″ up to 18″.

Virgin • Glass-fill • Bronze & Carbonfill PTFE


1 1/8″ OD to 34 1/2″ OD in lengths of 3″ up to 18″.

Virgin • Glass-fill • Bronze & Carbonfill PTFE


1/4″ OD to 4 5/8″ OD in lengths of 6′ & 12′.

Virgin • Reprocessed • Glass-fill


1/8″ OD to 4 1/2″ OD in lengths of 6′ & 12

Virgin • Reprocessed • Glass-fill


.003″ to .030″ thick in various widths up to 48″

Virgin • Reprocessed

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