Rubber Plastic & PVC Caps

Caps, Grips, Bellows, Proto Various Sizes & Shapes

We have been manufacturing rubber plastic & vinyl caps, grips for various applications. They can be compounded into any hardness, clarity & colour, They can be pumped & sprayed.

Some of the exclusive features are as follows:

  • USP Class VI materials for medical products
  • High temperature resistance
  • Anti-stat (ESD)
  • Copper non staining
  • Glossy or matte finishes
  • Available in both custom and standard colors including fluorescent colors
  • Strong & permanent environmental seal
  • Available at economical rates
  • Available from a minimum thickness of 0.005 inches
  • Soft like skin or hard like glass
  • Can to elongated up to 500%
  • Weather resistance, electrical insulation, fire resistance, abrasion resistance are the other features.

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