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Compounding, Rubber Compounding

Raw rubbers can’t be used in their natural state. The raw rubber mixed with the right type of additives will get us to the optimum properties of rubber products, rubber seal rings, Rubber O rings, Rubber gasket seals etc… Rubber processing and compounding has utmost importance.

The additives in a rubber processing and compounding may vary from application to application. The additives are added by weight and will include some or all of the following:


Sulphur and peroxide curing are used as cross linking curatives for rubber chains and best known curatives in rubber processing and compounding. They are first to get discovered and most commonly used.


Accelerators are used to fasten the speed of curing without harming the properties.

Reinforcing Fillers

This are the materials strengthen the finished products like rubber products, Rubber seal rings, Rubber O rings, Rubber gasket seals etc… . Most of the black colour rubber products use Carbon black and other colour use silica.


Clays are used to reduce the cost of compounds. It can disturb the properties.


Pigments are used to have desired colours. (Pigments are used where carbon black is not used as reinforcing agent).


It just helps to process and sometimes to have some properties.

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