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Rubber Expansion Bellows: Rubber Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints Manufacturers

We have specialised ourselves in making of expansion joints towards following applications.

  • Conveyor high temperature substances (like steam, gases etc…)
  • Conveyor of high pressure or high vacuum substances
  • To absorb movements
  • To absorb vibrations (anti vibrations)
  • Noise absorption
  • Earthquake movements
  • Shock absorption
  • VERY HARD 90-100°

This typical joints are made as bellows of stainless steels, PTFE, Hi modulus plastics, glass fibre fabrics (we have separate section), or specialised synthetic elastomers (rubbers). A bellows are designed with single or multiple convolutions depending on length and application, with the shape of the convolution designed to withstand the internal pressures of the pipe, and to ensure flexible enough to absorb lateral , axial, and angular deflections. The higher flexibility with zero leakage are also made with multiple layers. The rubber bellows are manufactured with steel wire & high strength fibre reinforcement. The flanges are made up according to standards or non-standards provided by customers. They are made in different shapes like round, Oval, Elliptical, Conical, rectangle or octagonal. Rubber expansion joints and rubber bellows manufacturers in Mumbai, India to supply entire world expansions joint bellows industry since 1964 as per the ISO standards with reliable features.

Pressure balanced expansion joints (bellows)

We have manufactured Expansion joints mainly for industrial piping systems to adapt movement or vibrations due to thermal and mechanical changes in the production line.And some of the process has wider changes in temperature hence metal components vary in size. Expansion joints with metal bellows are designed to absorb certain movements and minimize the conveying of forces to delicate components in the system.

In some of the application pumps built pressure or gravity is used to move fluids through the piping system. Fluids under pressure follow the volume of their vessels.So we designed the unique concept of pressure balanced expansion joints to maintain a constant volume by having balancing bellows compensate for volume changes in the bellows (line bellows) which is moved by the pipe.

Simplified Reference Easy to Order:

Our Quick Reference Guide has all the information you need at a glance. All rubber O rings sizes are listed by ascending inside diameter (I.D.) in fractional AND decimal sizes. Standard AS-568B Uniform Numbering System (Order by a single number).

Rubber Expansion Bellows

Wrapping steel wire and fabric reinforced rubber masticated sheets

Rubber expansion joints are primarily manufactured by labour-intensive wrapping of rubber masticated sheets and fabric reinforced rubber sheets around a bellow-shaped product mandrel tool.Along with rubber and fabric, reinforced rubber and/or also steel wires or metal rings are inserted for additional reinforcement. This can be made high pressure resistant. After the entire product is build up on the mandrel, it is enclosed with a winding of (nylon) peel ply to coerce all layers together before pressurization and vulcanization. Because of the labor-intensive production process, it takes longer.

Moulded rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints (some types only) can also be made with a moulding process. They are of medium sized expansion joints with bead rings, which are manufactured in large quantities on a cylindrical mandrel, which is wrapped with partiality cut fabric ply. This part is finally placed in a mould and moulded into shape and vulcanized. We manufacture for automobile sector for their bulk and faster needs.

Our next project is to adopt new technology for robotic manufacturing of Automated winding of rubber expansion joints.