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Where Do I Start ?

While selecting the base rubber for any Rubber products, we first study the application and which are the basic properties are utmost important. Some of the basic properties are designed considering temperature range, fluid resistance, Weather, Ozone resistance etc

While selecting the most appropriate rubber for rubber products, bearing seals etc… the following data is needed:

  • Highest and peak temperature
  • Continuous temperature
  • Lowest operational temperature?
  • Contact fluids and with context to temperature?
  • How long the fluid will come in contact and also if any accidental contact of hazardous chemicals etc…
  • Environmental or weather (ozone) application

Mech Spares can also offer advice and clarification if resistance to specific fluids is required. The company has detailed records and will carry out swell tests with the relevant fluid free of charge to establish a suitable rubber. Ring suppliers and designers have used them regularly.

We have more detailed information preserved in the DATA CHART. Simply to evaluate the suitability of the rubber for all areas of the application.

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