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Polyurethane Product Manufacturers

We at MECH begin our journey as Polyurethane rods and polyurethane sheets suppliers and turned to biggest Polyurethane Manufacturers in India to PU products designers. We did recognised that Unlike any other engineering material, cast Polyurethanes itself have an extraordinary combination of physical, mechanical, and environmental properties.

The proportion between the resin and the curative agents can be varied to optimize some of these properties (sometimes it affects other properties). So, a proper combination will help to engineer the compound to achieve desired properties.

In most applications Polyurethane products offer following advantages.

  • Resilience (high or low )
  • Additional Toughness leads to Durability
  • load bearing capabilities
  • High Resistance to Tear and Cut
  • Low Compression Set
  • Impact resistance
  • Outstanding Abrasion resistance
  • Machinability to desired shape
  • Oil, solvent, water and ozone resistance.
  • Flex fatigue resistance
  • Good Electrical properties
  • Friction (high or low) Mechanical Properties