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Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

PET is an unreinforced, semi-crystalline thermo-plastic polyester derived from polyethylene terephthalate. Its excellent wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, high flexural modulus, and superior dimensional stabilty make it a versatile material for designing mechanical and electro-mechanical parts. Because PET has no centerline porosity, the possibilty of fluid absorption and leakage is virtually eliminated.

General Properties:
Physical Properties ASTM Test Method Units PET
Density D792 lbs/cu in.3 0.0499
Water absorption, 24 hours D570 % 0.1
Mechanical Properties ASTM Test Method Units PET
Specific Gravity D792 g/cu cm.3 1.38
Tensile Strength at break, 73°F D638 psi 11,500
Tensile Modulus, 73°F D638 psi 4X105
Elongation at break, 73°F D638 % 70
Flexural Strength, 73°F D790 psi 15,000
Flexural Strength, 73°F D790 psi 4X105
Izod Impact Strength, Notched, 73°F D256 ft-lbs/in. 0.7
Rockwell Hardness D785 - R117
Coefficient of Friction @ 40psi, 50 fpm - Static / Dynamic 0.19/0.25
Thermal Properties ASTM Test Method Units PET
Heat Deflection, 264 psi D648 °F 175
Melting Point - °F 490
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D696 in./in./-°F 3.9 X 10-5
Applicable Temp. Range for Thermal Expansion - °F 50 – 250
Max. Serving Temperature for Long Term - °F 230
Flammability UL94 - HB
Electrical Properties ASTM Test Method Units PET
Volume Resistivity, 73°F D257 ohm-cm 1016
Dielectric Constant @ 60 Hz, 73°F, 50% RH D150 - 3.4
Dissipation Factor, @ 60 Hz, 73°F D150 - 0.002
Dielectric Strength D149 V/mil 400

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